Here it is 2020!

Here it is 2020 and look at how far we have come!  We funded the building renovations out of our budget over the next 10 years, but with a "new" building come many start up things that needed purchased.  We bought all of our necessities - brooms, mops, trash cans, first aid kits and many more items that were needed to open the building.  We also published a list of items that we wanted to enhance the building and these items have all been received through donations.  

15 Tables and 100 chairs (KANZA COOP and affiliates)

Stove and Refrigerator and microwave (Bob and Debbie Minks)

Fitness Equipment (donations, buy-sell-trade sites and budgeted purchases)

TV’s and gym mats - (PLAY)

Adjustable BB goals (Mary Rebekkah Lodge)

We greatly appreciate all of these donations!  They have made the inside of the annex a great place for community to gather.

Next up is some outside improvements.  We are looking at:

  • sidewalks and drainage
  • driveway
  • covering for the gutters
  •  sand volleyball
  • batting cages
  • upgrades at the ball diamond.                                                                                                               

If you know anything about these types projects, want to assist or donate or have other ideas, please let us know!

Posted: 06/23/2020